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Anal,Anal Sex when a man fucks another man in the ass
Bear a man who has a hairy body
BD/SM,S&M bondage, sado masochism, slave & master
Bi,AC/DC bi-sexual, man who enjoys sex with both men and women
Bi-curious gay man who hasn't come to terms with his orientation
BJ,Oral blowjob, oral sex (sucking a penis)
Bottom,Catcher men who love to be fucked
CBT cock and ball torture
Cherry virgin bottom, man who has never been fucked in the
Chicken males under age 18, considered minors in the USA
Cocksman,Stud top who pleases and satisfies bottoms with his cock
Cut circumsized, a penis without foreskin
Dad,Daddy mature men, usually over 40
DBM divorced black male
DDF,D&D free disease/drug free
Dom man who enjoys BD/SM as dominate, active, master
DWM divorced white male
Escort man who spends time with men for money, usually
includes sex
GAM gay asian male
GBM gay black male
GWM gay white male
Frat,Preppy neat, clean cut, college age men
French oral sex
Greek anal sex
GS,Golden Shower to urinate on or in your sexual partner
Hawk men mostly over 40 into very young guys, often minors
Hunk men who are well toned and defined, but not overly
Hustler male prostitute, man who has sex for money
ISO is seeking other / in search of
J/O jack off / masturbate
Jock atheletic, college age men
LTR long term relationship
Metro Sexual straight man who appears gay (clothing, hairstyle,
Otter twink with a hairy body
Pig,Slut man who enjoys being used sexually, often by a group
of men
Rim, Rimmming lick and tongue fuck a man's ass hole
Safe Sex top man wears a condom during anal sex (sometimes
Son,Boy men over 18 into older men (Dads and Hawks)
Straight man who enjoys sex with women, only
Stud,Cocksman very good top, pleases and satisfies bottoms with his
Sub man who enjoys BD/SM as subservient, passive, slave
SWM single white male
Swallow man who enjoys sucking a penis and swallowing cum
Top,Pitcher men who love to fuck men in the ass
Trade straight man who has limited sex with men for personal
TV transvestite
Tranny transexual
Tween men 18 and 19
Twink men 18 to 24, smooth & slender
Uncut uncircumcised, a penis with foreskin
Vanilla straight forward, non-kinky sexual activity
Versatile men who love both to fuck and to be fucked
Very Oral men who prefer French kiss, cock sucking to anal sex
WS Watersports see GS, Golden Shower